KT-PEER Non-Communicable Disease Initiative

Strengthening the ability of health systems to respond to non-communicable disease inequities

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The Knowledge Translation Platform for Equity-focused Health Evidence and Research (KT-PEER) is a global network jointly led by Dignitas International and the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. It brings together leading multi-disciplinary Canadian and international knowledge translation (KT) and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) scholars, policymakers and practitioners, to develop and evaluate NCD policy, practice and research.

Canada and the other countries engaged in the KT-PEER network do not have NCD surveillance and monitoring systems in place that enable reporting against the WHO’s global NCD targets. Strengthening these NCD monitoring systems so that they illuminate, rather than mask, inequities within and across populations in Canada and globally is a vital step to improving NCD-related health outcomes of Indigenous, excluded, and underserved populations.

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The KT-PEER NCD Inequities Initiative aims to examine how equity indicators are used within NCD surveillance systems and how Indigenous, excluded, and underserved populations are involved in developing NCD surveillance systems. KT-PEER will then propose global and country-specific equity indicators, and an inclusive process for developing them.

The initial phases include an environmental scan and scoping review; developing definitions of NCD equity indicators, and a process for evaluating them; in-depth interviews with global NCD stakeholders, including members of Indigenous, excluded, and underserved populations; and qualitative data analysis and interpretation.

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Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uganda and Malawi

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October 2017

October 2018

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Canadian Institutes for Health Research
Dignitas International

Study Lead
Dignitas International

Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre
Argentina Ministry of Health
Brazil Ministry of Health
Malawi Ministry of Health
Makerere University
National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health
Nishnawbe Aski Nation
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
School of Public Health University of Alberta
Sioux-Lookout First Nation Health Authority
University of Toronto

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Innovation Team

Dr. Farah N. Mawani
Principal Investigator, CIHR-Dignitas-University of Alberta Health System Impact Fellow

Joshua Berman
Co-Investigator, Dignitas International

Dr. Stephanie Montesanti
Co-Investigator, University of Alberta in collaboration with KT-PEER network members

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For more information, please email Farah Mawani at f.mawani@dignitasinternational.org