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We are powered by experience and evidence. We are driven to advance the right to health for the vulnerable and marginalized.

The i2i Lab is powered by Dignitas International, a Canadian medical and research organization with more than a decade of frontline experience delivering high-impact programs to address global health challenges including HIV, tuberculosis and diabetes.

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Since launching in 2004, Dignitas has worked on the frontlines in Malawi, one the countries hardest hit by the HIV epidemic.
In 2014, we began to leverage this experience to partner with Indigenous communities to combat the diabetes epidemic in Northern Ontario.

Over the past 25 years, the world has achieved unprecedented success in tackling global epidemics and Dignitas International has been part of this effort. With our integrated model that combines medical care, research and knowledge translation, we have delivered frontline care, published influential research and worked closely with policymakers to change health policy so that it improves the lives of millions around the world. To learn more, visit

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But to ultimately end these epidemics and design innovative solutions for the next wave of global challenges, including the rise of non-communicable diseases and the health impacts of climate change, we must work differently.

The i2i Lab sparks programming, research and policy innovation to tackle current and evolving global health challenges. We are committed to seeding ideas and scaling what works to achieve local and global impact.

Our Value Proposition

At the i2i Lab, we work with a diverse network of partners, ranging from renowned universities and leading businesses to creative agencies and tech start-ups, to ensure that we are advancing the best ideas for the hardest-to-reach communities. Our Fellows benefit from these partnerships in bringing their innovations to scale. Our Lab has three unique offerings:

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Financial Investment

We provide six to eighteen months of start-up funding and up to an additional 12 months for ideas that demonstrate a high-level of potential impact and scalability.

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Tailored Mentorship

We bring together a diverse network of clinical, entrepreneurial, public health, design, business and policy leaders to mentor Fellows through the innovation process.

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Real-World Validation

We offer Fellows the opportunity to develop, pilot and validate their innovations in a real-world setting with target users and systems where Dignitas has existing operational programs, data and physical infrastructure.